Hot desking is the practice of not having designated desks for single employees, but rather for desk spaces to be shared. Commonly this is done through employees booking desks when needed, or for availability of desks to coincide with roster changes, but hot desking can also be organised as first in first serve. 

It is well documented that this way of running a workplace can have large benefits for the employer. Up to 30% of costs associated with running an office can be cut as a result of the shared spaces, and importantly the reduced space needed when you have a team on a flexible roster, which includes shifts from home (becoming more popular since the effects of the COVID pandemic).

So while it is obvious how hot desking can benefit the employer, how does the employee benefit? Below are 3 ways in which employees can benefit from a mobile workplace:


Rather than being stuck with the same old desk for years, hot desking can give employees the opportunity to pick and choose where their next work environment is. Even something as simple as being able to book a desk near a window can have a positive impact on morale. Alternatively, if someone values quietness, they can pick a corner desk away from the hub of the office. 

This flexibility grows further when employees aren’t restricted to one building, but instead can choose a hotdesking option at multiple properties, either under the same company or from a third party. Here not only is the location in an office space the employees choice, but also the location of the workplace itself. Maybe there's an option closer to home? Or maybe there's one with better parking or coffee? 

An example of such a third party is The Innovation Factory (TIF) in Adelaide. Located in the heart of the CBD on Halifax St, TIF would provide hot deskers with a great location surrounded by excellent food and coffee locations, with lots of free parking available. 


With hotdesking, you could be sitting and effectively working with someone new every day. This means creating a larger network for your social life and/or career ambitions. And of course, socialising with multiple people of different occupations and mindsets promotes inspiration and innovation. 

Once again this benefit can be further enhanced when hot-desking with a third party, as the mix of people around you becomes even more diverse in demographics, culture, and careers. 


The benefit of more socialising also makes your work environment more interactive and therefore productive (another reason why more employees are adopting a hotdesking approach). Professional socialising is not the only way employees can benefit in terms of increased productivity. Imagine you are working with a team on a project. With hot-desking, the team can book desks close to each other, or an entire meeting room to operate more efficiently. On the other hand, if you go into the office for a meeting then you do not need to book a desk, therefore leaving one free for someone else to utilise, and who knows, maybe the next day it will be them saving you that desk. 

If this has inspired you to go into a coworking space, then check out Adelaide's leading and fastest-growing coworking space, The Innovation Factory located at 60 Halifax Street or book your today
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