Are you currently growing your business from home and starting to think about upgrading to an office space? Perhaps you have already considered expanding but can’t justify the cost and commitment of running your own office.


Coworking spaces have become hugely popular over the years, especially among modern workers and business owners who want freedom and flexibility without the commitment that comes with leasing a traditional commercial office.


Coworking spaces offer businesses the ability to reap the same benefits as a traditional office space at a much lower cost while also providing the opportunity to be a part of a like-minded community of other entrepreneurs.


If you are wanting to grow your business, then a co-working space may be the perfect solution for you.


Coworking spaces allow businesses to operate from a fully equipped office without the costs and commitment of renting their own space. Most coworking spaces offer all-inclusive monthly rates that include full use of the office and other perks such as free coffee, drinks, snacks and events. Finding and leasing your own office can be highly costly, and may pose a large financial risk for a start-up business. Co-working spaces lower this risk and allow you to focus your time and energy on growing your business.


With flexible agreements, coworking gives you the freedom to decide just how much time you spend in the office and allows the flexibility to increase the workspace as your business grows. This puts you in charge of your work-life balance, something that is increasingly lacking in many workplaces. Additionally, with month-to-month options, there is no commitment to a contract which means you can trial and see exactly what works to find the best coworking plan for your goals.


Leasing an office in a central location close to transport, parking, restaurants, and cafes etc, can be highly expensive and not something every business can afford. Renting your own office may mean sacrificing the location for the quality of the office, or vice versa. With coworking, you can be in a central location and still have the benefit of a fully equipped, spacious, modern office.



Hiring a shared space for your business comes with many perks, however probably the most rewarding reason for choosing a coworking space is the sense of community you will feel. You will be working alongside other like-minded business professionals which means networking and collaborating opportunities will be in abundance. This community atmosphere is something that is unique to coworking environments and lacking when working from your own office or working from home.


Each day you will be surrounded by other people from a variety of different businesses and backgrounds who may share or have differing views. This creates a collaborative environment where business owners can exchange ideas and inspire each other to learn and grow. With a group of motivated, goal-oriented people, the creativity and productivity levels are endless.  

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